The 11th GE Department Seminar and 1st TC Alumni Seminar

The Internal Affairs Committee (IntAC) and the External Affairs Committee (ExtAC) would like to invite you to our 11th Department Seminar and the very first ExtAC Seminar (featuring our TC Alumni) on January 20, 2014, 1-3pm at the Geodetic Engineering Theater. Our featured speakers are: Engr. Laverne C. Olalia (TC Alumni) and Asst. Prof. Oliver T. Macapinlac. This event is open to the public.

Below are the details of their presentations:

>> 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Speaker: Engr. Laverne C. Olalia

Title of Presentation: GIS: A Sweet Opportunity in Enhancing Sugarcane Productivity

Philippines sugarcane industry as a whole is now faced with great challenges which include globalization, fragmented farm areas, declining farm productivity and changes in weather patterns. Each step is vital to revitalize and strengthen our sugarcane industry. Opportunities in enhancing crop productivity are seen to have a huge impact through modern technologies. One of which is the application of GIS in promoting efficiency, productivity, and improved farm practices. Better view and decision making can improve and intensify our sugarcane industry.

About Mr. Olalia:
Mr. Olalia is a graduate of BS in Agricultural Engineering from Pampanga Agricultural College last 2002 and of UPTCAGP’s Training Course last April 2012. He presently serves as Agriculturist II – Mill District Officer of Tarlac Mill District of the Sugar Regulatory Commission.  

>> 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Speaker: Asst. Professor Oliver T. Macapinlac

Title of Presentation: SAgE: SAgE is Agricultural Extension

An upcoming trend in agricultural extension services is the adoption of modern ICT tools to help manage and disseminate needed information to rural farming communities. This can be seen in many mobile and web-based applications that try to connect or link experts to farmers. This study builds on this trend and will extend it to provide more personalized information to its users. The study aims to build a recommender system that delivers this personalized information to farmers. Personalization is achieved by capturing user feedback through a simple pushservice – reporting mechanism. The feedback together with geo-information and documented knowledge will be integrated and results in more intelligent recommendations.

Dept. Seminar 11 poster