What We Offer

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering

The UP DGE offers 5-year BS Geodetic Engineering program, a uniquely balanced blend of theory and techniques for high-precision earth measurement using advanced field instrumentation and computing technologies. >>>Read more

Master of Science in Geomatics Engineering

The UP MS GmE program caters to the needs of the industry and the government by equipping students with skills to develop the tools and techniques to capture and manage spatial data. >>>Read more


The TCAGP have revitalized out training program by consolidating and streamlining its courses to provide a more responsive approach to knowledge development and capability building with geomatics technology. The TCAGP has organized its courses to suit the institutional manpower requirements of the govenment and non-governmental organizations which are engaged in resource information generation and management. As part of TCAGP’s extension services, government trainees are exempted from payment of tuition fees. >>>Read more

Short Courses

UP DGE & TCAGP offers a variety of short courses that usually take 3 days to 3 weeks. Some of the courses that have been offered lately are Global Navigation Satellite System for Land Surveying, High Resolution Satellite Remote Sensing, and Modern Mapping for Environmental and Natural Resource Management. We can also prepare a course package depending on your company’s needs. >>>Read more

Department Seminars

Understanding the importance of geomatics and the technologies behind it, the UP DGE, through its Internal Affairs Committee, conceptualized in February 2012 the hosting of monthly seminars on topics related to the field of Geomatics. The seminars are aimed to educate the general public on the theory, applications and current trends in the field of geomatics: from earth observation to disaster assessment and mitigation. >>>Read more

Philippine Geomatics Symposium (PhilGEOS)

The Philippine Geomatics Symposium or PhilGEOS was envisioned to be the yearly national symposium for Geomatics educators, researchers, practitioners and all users of geospatial technology. PhilGEOS was first staged in November 2012 (PhilGEOS 2012) with the theme “Philippine Geomatics: pratice, application and accomplishments”. Last year, PhilGEOS 2013 focused on the role of Geomatics in Agriculture and Forestry with the theme “Geomatics for a Resilient Agriculture and Forestry”.

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PhilGEOS 2012

PhilGEOS 2013

On its 3rd year, PhilGEOS 2014 will gather once again the members of the Philippine Geomatics community to meet and discuss, to gather and exchange knowledge and gain insights into the importance of Geomatics in public service. To be held on November 27-28, 2014, this year’s symposium is being organized as one of the major activities to commemorate and celebrate the 50 years of the UP TCAGP in public service.

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