Department Seminars

The GE Department Seminar Series is the DGE & TCAGP’s own way of making everyone understand anything that is related to geomatics. The seminars are aimed to educate the general public on the theory, applications and current trends in the field of geomatics: from earth observation to disaster assessment and mitigation.

For a list of previous and current seminars, see >>>Department Seminars.

Background and History

Geomatics (also known as geospatial technology or geomatics engineering) is the discipline of gathering, storing, processing, and delivering geographic information, or spatially referenced information. It includes the tools and techniques used in land surveying, remote sensing, cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass), photogrammetry, geography and related forms of earth mapping. This Wikipedia‘s definition is technical as it may seem, but what it really says is that geomatics is all about location and information – how it is gathered and utilized for the benefit of everyone.

Understanding the importance of geomatics and the technologies behind it, the UP DGE, through its Internal Affairs Committee, conceptualized in February 2012 the hosting of monthly seminars on topics related to the field of Geomatics.

The very first Department Seminar was held on March 26, 2012, where Prof. Czar Jakiri Sarmiento (of UP DGE) talked about the “The IP-S2 Mobile Mapping System: An Integration of 3D Laser Scanning and Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry”.

From then on, seminars where held in a monthly basis (at least), and these seminars were delivered by distinguised professors, scientists, researchers, experts and professionals (from here and abroad).

The seminars are open to the general public.