The Philippine Geomatics Symposium or PhilGEOS was envisioned to be the yearly national symposium for Geomatics educators, researchers, practitioners and all users of geospatial technology. PhilGEOS was first staged in November 2012 (PhilGEOS 2012) by the UP Department of Geodetic Engineering with the theme “Philippine Geomatics: pratice, application and accomplishments”. Last year, PhilGEOS 2013 focused on the role of Geomatics in Agriculture and Forestry with the theme “Geomatics for a Resilient Agriculture and Forestry”.

On its 3rd year, PhilGEOS 2014 will gather one again members of the Philippine Geomatics community to meet and discuss, to gather and exchange knowledge and gain an insight into the importance of Geomatics in the public service.

To be held on November 27-28, 2014, this year’s symposium is being organized as one of the major activities to commemorate and celebrate the 50 years of the UP TCAGP in public service. As the research, training and extension arm of the UP Department of Geodetic Engineering, the UP TCAGP has participated in the growth and development of the country through active collaboration with the government and industry, in education and training, in research works and relevant studies, and in the conduct of extension services in the fields of geomatics and geospatial information. For 50 years, the UP TCAGP has provided a responsive approach to knowledge development and capability building with geomatics technology in various government agencies.