All about Department of Geodetic Engineering
Department of Geodetic Engineering
University of the Philippines – Diliman
The UP Department of Geodetic Engineering is the country’s leading institution in geospatial research and instruction, serving the nation through its undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and its various training modules. Since its formal establishment in 1937, the department has continuously been enhancing its resources, through constant faculty development and facility upgrades, to the demands of a growing nation and the challenges in the global community.
To be a global geomatics engineering institution advancing exellence in education, research, and sevice to society.
  1. To nurture honorable and globally competitive geomatics professionals with passion for the good of the nation.
  2. To advance innovative geospatial solutions for enhancing the quality of life.
  3. To partner with other institutions and communities in addressing challenges and enabling future generations.
Organizational Chart
Fields of Specialization
Aerial and Digital Photogrammetry; Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning; Mathematical and Applied Geodesy; Digital Cartography and Mapping; Disaster Informatics for Risk Reduction and Response; Environmental Modelling and Simulation; Geographic Information Systems and Visualization; Infrastructure and Environmental Management; Land Administration and Real Estate Valuation, Land Surveying and Subdivision Planning; Natural Resource Monitoring and development; Navigation & Positioning; Remote Sensing Technology
We are located at Vila Wing of Melchor Hall, within the sprawling University of the Philippines, Diliman campus.